Zara Woods 


Success Coach 

“Fortune Favours the Brave,,,and the Balanced!”

Powering through

As a senior director for an international bank, my life was incredibly busy for many years. Each day I would be up early wherever I was in the world, be full-on and amazing at the office, maybe manage a bit of hardcore exercise, then eat, sleep and repeat.

There was very little time for myself; I’d become the master of switching off my feelings and powering through.

I survived on red bull (yes that’s right red bull) and convinced myself I was living life to the fullest. Let’s face it, on paper I was. Great job with lots of success and recognition, a healthy bank balance, exotic holidays, a thriving social life, a beautiful home ….. except I really wasn’t.

The cracks started to emerge in several areas of my life, my relationships were affected and my health was starting to falter.

I was pushing myself to my edge in pursuit of success! It’s what many of us high achievers do. We’re hard wired to believe that we have to take on the world and win, no matter what the cost is to us. We can get so obsessed with the end goal that we tune out of what we’re doing to ourselves in the process. I know I definitely had.


Taking a new path

My wake up call came in a series of events that I just couldn’t ignore. I was a frequent visitor to the doctor with a steady stream of issues and felt constantly tired. I also got divorced. And I’d become disenchanted with my career. I knew deep down I just wasn’t fully living and that something needed to change.

I started to explore how to get more balance and vibrancy in my life. I learned about the basics of nutrition and worked with a brilliant nutritionist – our very own Deborah – and a herbalist who helped me think about what I was putting into my body. I started to explore what was really important to me in life – was it money and success or something deeper like adventure, relationships and life purpose? I knew that life had a lot more depth to offer and that I had a lot more to give.


You are what you think

I knew that in addition to my work and life experience I wanted to expand my understanding of how this thing called life, works!

I’d already spent years at business school getting a degree in Business and then a masters in Management, before then having a highly successful career in Financial Services. This new perspective on life led me to pursue additional training in Positive Psychology, Resilience and NLP – it means I’m a master of mindset, strategy and action! All the components are an incredibly powerful combination, as lets face it – you are what you think, and ultimately you are what you do with what you think about!

I also became energised about the prospect about taking my own path – no longer being an employee, and also working with people in a different way that would truly enhance their lives in every way. In May 2018 I quit my job and am now living my passion full time! I haven’t looked back since!



Reclaiming my health, my direction and a renewed zest for life is honestly the most incredible and essential thing I have ever done for myself. I thank myself every day that I was bold enough to take my life into my own hands, try something new and just made it happen. Sure it was scary and bold but then I believe you’ve got to follow your intuition and live your life to the max – no excuses!

I’m delighted to working with Deborah in Make Life Amazing creating brilliant solutions for high achievers just like you. Check our journal. If you’d like an easy way to stay in tune with yourself and focus on healthy habits that suit you – it takes in all of our experience and it really works!

I’m also a Success Coach for ambitious and tenacious individuals who want to always be getting the most of life whether that’s for themselves, their relationships or their careers. If you want to work with someone with years of real experience, who’ll be right by your side cheering you on to your maximum success then look no further.

I specialise in Confidence, Resilience and Change. And I’d love to help you to be at your best no matter what you have going on – please just drop me a line and lets see what will work best for you: