We love the work we do

and here are just some of the reasons why

Making a difference to you and the way you live your life is what we’re all about. Read stories from the brilliant women who have joined us on the journey. We are so honoured!

Sue McGill

“Five Stars!”

21 Day Healthy Habits Reboot

“Thoroughly enjoyed every session. It was thought provoking and made me examine and question what I was thinking, feeling and doing. I have made some positive changes to my daily routine. We all know the things that are beneficial to us but sometimes we need a little reminder to help us make small changes into healthy habits. Zara and Debs are a font of knowledge, their expertise, professionalism and willingness to share their own experiences helped to make the whole process fun, accessible and worthwhile.”


“A Wealth of Knowledge”

21 Day Healthy Habits Reboot

“I enjoyed trying out new habits and seeing which ones had a positive impact, and also having a gentle reminder that some of my existing habits are more important to my wellbeing than I thought! Debs and Zara have between them a wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding which means that they provide thought-provoking input and excellent support as you follow the course.”


Helen Burton
Dawn Knox

“Loved it”

21 Day Healthy Habits Reboot

“Such a knowledgeable, friendly page and they really do make life amazing. I did their 21 days course and loved it. Super interactive and they respond quickly. It was flexible to work around my lifestyle (working mum!) and not overwhelming. Great affordable price. Highly recommend these ladies! Shall look out for more course with them.”


“Wholeheartedly Recommend”

21 Day Healthy Habits Reboot

“Everything was simple and easy to implement and delivered by two incredibly lovely and knowledgeable experts. Deborah and Zara made a real point of understanding the needs of everyone in the group, adapting the sessions to give maximum value […] An unexpected benefit of the course was being part of a like-minded, supportive community. I also appreciated the flexibility of being able to fit the course around your day – you could always attend the daily lives or watch later in the day.”


Lisa Hannah

“The Magic Happen”

21 Day Healthy Habits Reboot

“The magic happens when you meet people who have a significant impact on you such that it awakens a part of you that you didn’t know existed or helps you change course at a critical point in your life. Deb in particular was this for me. It’s probably her selfless attitude towards genuinely seeing people thrive that is the key factor and when you meet her you’ll know exactly what I mean. Zara has an energy and passion for life that is infectious and she has a knack of making you feel energised by simply being in her company.”


“I Left Fizzing With Energy”

21 Day Healthy Habits Reboot

“The day was filled with advice, tips and tools to help each of us benefit in a way that best suited us individually. The atmosphere was supportive and caring where we could freely share our own experiences and learn from each other. Debs and Zara are very knowledgeable in their fields and are demonstrably passionate about helping people live their best lives. Professional, nurturing, informative and fun.”


Cheryl King_new

“Came Out Bouncing”

21 Day Healthy Habits Reboot

“The I Am Energised masterclass was exactly that!! A total masterclass in understanding how energy works & the nutrition & mindset we need to not just boost our energy but make the changes to long term, sustainable energy. Literally came out bouncing & with a plan of action that I’ve already started to implement. There’s no looking back now! Thank you Debs & Zara for inspiring us & for the practical advice & support that will really make the difference.”



21 Day Healthy Habits Reboot

“The day did exactly what it said on the tin. A great day with like minded people, led by the extremely knowledgeable Zara & Deborah. The Masterclass was delivered in a relaxed, informal and professional manner, in a perfect setting. If you can get a spot on one of these Masterclasses then I highly recommend you snap it up.”


Sandra Walsh